Photography Tips

 It is important to select clothing that you love, something that makes you feel and look good. Clothing can make a real difference, so it’s worth spending some time selecting and shopping for clothes before the shoot. I recommend avoiding logos, stripes, and loud / tropical patterns. For group portraits I recommend that everyone wear similar clothing styles in similar tones. This helps to coordinate the aesthetic and also reduces any distraction that ‘clashing’ clothing may cause. Feel free to refer to our portfolio for inspiration.
 I recommend natural makeup that perfects your skin tone and enhances your features. You can do your own makeup, or bring your own makeup artist.

 Once wardrobe, hair, and makeup are all set, we will begin the shoot. I encourage lots of movement and playfulness, and I will follow your lead. I never want you to feel you are holding a pose or a look for the camera.

 Within 30 business days after the shoot I will email you a link with all the full-resolution images from our session. I edit out the blinks, blurs, and obvious ‘in-between shots’ that sometimes come with our style of photography.