Real Estate Photographer

Real Estate and Rental Photographer

Toes in the Sand Photography offers professional photography for real estate and vacation rental located in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. If you are a St Thomas real estate agent, homeowner, architect, interior designer or are in the vacation rental industry, such as Airbnb or VRBO, then you know that having professional photos of your property can make a huge impact. My goal at Toes in the Sand Photography is to present your home, office, or rental in the best light possible while maintaining the authenticity of the design.

I want to showcase the blue skies and beautiful views out the windows of your luxury home listing. Perhaps you use Airbnb or VRBO for your rentals. I start by exposing for the window view and then carefully and selectively use off camera flashes to lift the interior lighting for a beautiful, balanced, and well lit image of your home, rental, or property.

Generally, real estate photography sessions are scheduled in the morning.  Additional dusk exteriors and/or sunset views may be added to your package. Natural light, light boxes and software are employed in a delicate balance to create an image that reflects the way you see a space with your own eyes.






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